Create an inviting entry to your home’s patio, deck or courtyard with the beautiful craftsmanship of AMSCO® sliding patio doors. Made from the same premium materials as our ArtisanTM Series and Renaissance® Series windows, these attractive doors offer easy  upkeep, excellent energy efficiency and the same high level of quality you expect from AMSCO.

Our Renaissance Series composite sliding patio doors combine top-of-the-line performance, energy efficiency and stunning aesthetics. Whether you want to frame your spectacular view or just let in as much light as possible, the Renaissance Series features a narrow sash and frame profile that maximizes your viewing area. With sizes up to 16 feet wide and eight feet tall, these doors will blend the line between indoors and out.

Revolutionary composite material

Made with a composite material, Renaissance Series patio doors are designed and constructed to withstand even the harshest conditions, season after season.
• Will not absorb moisture
• Acts as an excellent insulator
• Maintains stability even in high-heat environments
• Can be easily recycled
• Repels insects

Add drama to a smaller entranceway. 2-Panel sliding patio door with grid and pine options.

Customization for a look that’s all your own

You can make the Renaissance Series patio door entrance way your own work of art with two-, three- and four-panel  configurations and other customization options.

Add a brick mold exterior trim for a more traditional wood look. Use grids to add a distinctive touch. Then personalize it even more with hardware styles and finishes that make a statement or match your existing interior décor.

Let in the light. 3-Panel sliding patio door.

Color that lasts

With the Renaissance Series, you get the look of finely painted  millwork through AMSCO’s SuperCapSR® technology. The composite material is encapsulated with an acrylic capstock for durability that won’t peel, fade or warp, resists scratching and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The smooth finish comes in white, almond, taupe and, if you prefer the look of wood, an interior pine veneer that can be easily stained or painted to match your interior décor.

Composite The ultimate in energy efficiency

Much of the heat a home loses can also be through the frame, not just the glass. The Renaissance Series is made of a solid composite material and performs better than the already efficient vinyl and wood materials when it comes to K-values, or the amount of heat going in and out of a home through the frame. The Renaissance composite outperforms the other more commonly used frame materials, making your home even more energy efficient.

Style Features

• Appealing aesthetics with even sight lines
• Contemporary panel stiles and rails for maximum viewing
• Solid composite frame for superior energy efficiency
• Fusion-welded corners in a pocket sill for strength and protection against air and water infiltration
• Large, easy-to-operate handles available in a variety of finishes
• Standard dual-point locking mechanism for security
• Schlage® keyed lock on all handles allow single key entry for the entire house

• Heavy duty adjustable roller system and hardened ball bearing provide smooth operation while improving performance and longevity
• Warm-edge spacer technology decreases thermal transfer and condensation
• Exterior, matching extruded aluminum screen is stronger and more durable than traditional roll-form screens
• Transoms and sidelites available

The Artisan Series

The Artisan Series by AMSCO Windows® are our top-of-the-line vinyl windows and patio doors – and a great choice for new construction, retrofit and remodeling projects. With the Artisan Series you have more design choices than ever to complement any interior. A larger bottom rail and wider stile panels give the Artisan Series French style sliding patio door the look of a traditional French door. Or, choose the Artisan Contemporary style for a slimmer, sleeker look with a greater viewing area. Whichever style you choose, you can be confident you’ve made a beautiful, lasting choice.

For a truly beautiful wall of light. 4-Panel Contemporary style sliding patio door.
2-Panel sliding patio door.

Unique as you are

Whether you select the French or Contemporary style sliding patio door, there are a variety of options you can choose from to make your patio door unique, including several configurations with sizes up to 16 feet wide and eight feet tall. Or, add a custom grid for a distinctive patio door pattern all your own. Finish it off with hardware details that match or complement your home’s existing cabinetry and interior door hardware finishes. And, don’t forget about energy efficiency. AMSCO’s CōzE  performance glass provides significant savings over clear glass and may qualify for ENERGY STAR.

Artisan Features

• Narrow style sash and frame profile for greater viewing area
• Fusion-welded sash and frame corners add strength and create an air and water tight seal
• New handle design fits comfortably in the hand
• Heavy-duty, adjustable roller system and hardened ball bearings provide smooth operation while improving performance and longevity
• Warm-edge spacer technology reduces thermal transfer and condensation
• Heavy-duty, extruded aluminum screen available
• Flush fin frame available for remodel/retrofit applications
• Transoms and sidelites available

Color that lasts

Artisan Series sliding patio doors are available in the most
popular colors to match any home’s décor. Now when you dream, you can dream in color. This co-extruded process fuses the color to the vinyl for excellent resistance to scratching and peeling and does not fade or chalk like paint. The superior solar reflective performance prevents heat build-up within the material; historically, a problem with darker color vinyl windows. And
with six charming colors to choose from, you’re sure to find  a perfect match for your distinctive look.

A New Design for Retrofit

The Restoration Series, by AMSCO Windows®, combines energy efficiency, sturdy design, great looks and thoughtful features into a solid industry proven performer. With clean lines, and energy saving glass packages, this window is ideal for homeowners who are looking for the perfect mix of performance, appearance and value. You can choose from a number of options, styles and colors to create the perfect fit. With over 2 million units installed, AMSCO Windows is a time-tested industry leader. Ask your Certified Restoration Dealer about extended warranty programs today.

Styles to Fit Your design

The Restoration Series contemporary patio doors are available in:

• 2 panel (OX or XO) doors
• 3 panel (OXO, XXO or OXX) doors
• 4 panel (OXXO) doors
• Up to 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall configurations
• Available in 10 feet wide 2 panel configuration (OX or XO)
• Standard nail fin or optional retrofit flush fin
• J Channel option
• Stucco Key option


The Restoration Series offers the most popular colors available in vinyl windows today: White, Almond, Taupe solid color extrusion both interior and exterior; Bronze, Black capstock co-extrusion with white interior. Painted color options are also available to complement your home.

The Studio Series

For new construction projects, AMSCO offers the Studio Series Contemporary Style sliding patio door with the essential features and options builders require but with the same quality engineering design and performance of the Artisan Series Contemporary Style.

• Colors: White, Almond and Taupe
• Color-matched handle with single-point lock
• Grids: 3/4 inch flat or 1 inch sculptured
• Roll-form screen on standard sizes; extruded screen on custom sizes and doors over 8 feet wide
• Standard and custom OX, XO sizes

Distinctive Hardware

AMSCO’s patio door hardware has been designed to offer you guaranteed trouble-free operation in styles to complement your home. Choose from hardware that is color-matched to the patio door frame or select a handle from a variety of popular metal finishes.

AMSCO Patio Door Locks

Grids add drama inside and out

Traditionally, windows have used grids to add architectural interest to the outside of the home and create light-play throughout the interior. Now you can achieve this same dramatic look  and intriguing lighting effect by adding grids to your AMSCO sliding patio door.

CozE Performance Glass

With their large expanse of glass, patio doors can affect your home’s efficiency. That’s why wherever your home, whatever the climate, AMSCO has an energy efficient performance glass option to keep you comfortable. So whether you need to control summer’s unrelenting heat, shade the sun’s glare, fight winter’s grip on heat loss or all of the above, look to AMSCO CōzE performance glass in your new patio door for the solution.

The Perfect Glass for Perfect Comfort

• 39% more efficient than clear double-pane glass
• Cuts cooling loads by 25% or more compared to clear glass
• Blocks 86% of harmful UV radiation
• Light shines through with no bluish or hazy tint to obstruct
your view

Block Out the Sun and Control the Glare

• Absorbs 60% of visible light
• Blocks 84% of harmful UV radiation
• Protects your home from solar heat gain by blocking 75% of the sun’s radiated heat
• Maintains a uniform color appearance with varying glass
thicknesses, unlike tinted glass

The Ultimate Balance of Solar Control and High Visibility

• Triple-layer silver coating provides solar protection without sacrificing your view
• Blocks 95% of harmful UV radiation, a leading cause of fading
• Reduces solar heat gain by 64% compared to clear double-pane glass
• No heavy bronze or smoke-colored tints to darken your home

Naturally Clean Glass

With the constant in and out, cleaning ordinary glass doors –
and keeping them clean – is a seemingly never-ending challenge.
AMSCO’s new BriteTM glass harnesses the power of the sun, combined with rain water, to naturally clean your windows
and doors. And keep them clean.


• Uses the sun’s power to naturally clean your windows and doors
• Reduces water spots by up to 99%
• The ultimate low-maintenance glass system when
combined with any energy efficient CōzE performance glass option
• Removable film protects the Brite surface from manufacturing, shipping and installation debris

Performance Values