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As sound travels from one side of a door or window to the other, its overall vibration decreases, though it does not necessarily diminish entirely. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a whole-number rating of how soundproof a door or window is. Although it is commonly used in the United States and is the most widely used measurement of sound reduction, STC has various limitations that prevent it from being comprehensively reliable in determining actual soundproofing expectations.

STC, a building standard issued by the American Society of Testing and Measurement (ASTM) and incorporated into many specifications and regulations, is calculated based on transmission loss and frequency. However, STC only factors in frequencies that are between 125Hz and 4,000Hz, which lowers the accuracy of its reliability, as noise complaints are most often the result of sounds less than 125Hz.

At AMSCO, we have created various series of windows and doors that help to minimize sound vibration and provide customers with the peace and quiet most suitable for their lifestyles. We understand the importance of their satisfaction in our products and of their trust in you to ensure that you plan and install the best products for their individual needs, and we work with our professionals to offer as much information as possible, including STC, to see that this happens.

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