Professional Space

Go-to resource for specifications

We’ve created a Professionals space for you, a one-stop resource for all of your window and door technical detail needs.


Find window and door specifications that meet your requirements

Easily find the windows or doors specifications. Filter by U-Value, STC, SHGC, VT, colors and more. CAD details, BIM and submittal files are provided

General Specifications

Convenient access to general specifications

Access to the general specifications—such as minimum/maximum sizes, grids, install flashing details, CSI format, and test summariess.

BIM Objects

Support files for your project

Access all our BIM objects, families, and system files including CAD drawings to aid you during the design and installation phases.

STC Search

find STC ratings by product and type

Search for Sound Transmission Class (STC), a ratings by series and window type/model of how well an area of a building is able to block out sound.

Test Summary

Structural rating tool

The test summary search tool provides structural ratings, documents to support the submittals, determine sizes for design concepts for future buildings. Navigator test numbers can be used to access the appropriate documents.

Questions? Samples?

We're happy to help

If you have any questions or would like us to provide specific samples to help you better understand our offerings and the benefits they bring to your business and the individuals, We are happy to help ensure that you are able to provide the best value and service possible to your customers.