The Perfect Glass for Perfect Comfort

CōzE is perfectly suited to manage your home’s comfort level in all climates and temperatures and provides you with a clear, unobstructed view—no hazy or smoky tints. In the summer, heat and ultraviolet radiation are reflected back outside, keeping your house cool and comfortable. In the winter, heat is trapped inside, keeping your home warm. Plus, CōzE helps reduce cooling and heating loads, saving you money in energy bills.

  • Insulating value is over 35 percent more efficient than clear insulated glass
  • Cuts cooling loads by 25 percent or more during summer months
  • Blocks 84 percent of harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Light shines in with no bluish, hazy tint to obstruct your outside view

The Ultimate Balance of Solar Control and High Visibility

Using the right type of glass in your windows makes all the difference. You want your windows to let in light while keeping the sun’s harmful solar radiation and heat out—providing the right amount of comfort in your home. Striking that perfect balance between high visibility and energy efficiency has been difficult until now. CōzE HV provides you with the clearest view with the highest energy efficiency of any performance glass and is designed to improve your windows' energy performance. And, by blocking out most of the harmful ultraviolet radiation, it helps protect your carpets, curtains, wall coverings and furniture from fading.

  • New triple-layer silver coating provides solar protection without sacrificing your view
  • Blocks 95 percent of ultraviolet radiation, a leading cause of fading
  • Reduces window heat gain by 64 percent compared to normal glass
  • No heavy bronze or smoke-colored tints to darken your home

Block Out the Sun and Control the Glare

CōzE Brite is specially designed to handle each region of the solar energy spectrum, blocking ultraviolet radiation, absorbing visible light, and reflecting infrared rays. The result is comfortable interior temperatures while reducing window glare, which can be a problem in regions with lots of sunlight. And if you’re worried that using CōzE Brite will create an unseemly, shiny look from the outside, (a common problem with reflective-based glass) you can rest assured that CōzE Brite won’t detract from your home’s overall appearance.

  • Blocks 84 percent of harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Absorbs 60 percent of visible light
  • Protects your home from solar heat gain by blocking 75 percent of the sun’s radiated heat
  • Maintains a uniform color appearance with varying glass thicknesses, unlike tinted glass

AMSCO Vantage Glass

Unique insulated glass unit designed to give you maximum performance in
U value and SHGC by utilizing Hard Coat Low E technology. Low E is on two surfaces in this option.

Narrow Reed
Glue Chip
Delta Frost