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Window Styles

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New windows can be one of your homes most attractive features. New windows can provide you with convenient ventilation, ease of use, superior natural light and cleaning convenience not found in older windows. Today, windows come in many shapes and sizes—rectangles, triangles, squares, octagons and even round. The more unique shaped windows usually don't open, however, but provide a stylish design element and let light into the home.

Windows that open and allow ventilation come in these basic styles:
  • double- or single-hung windows
  • sliding windows
  • casement windows
  • awning windows
The styles that are most appropriate for your project can depend on a number of factors and which are most important.
  • How you operate the window—slide them up or down, left or right, or manually crank them out
  • How much ventilation is needed
  • What room are they being used in
  • Which look best from the outside
  • The location of the window and the amount of wall space available
  • When code requires windows to be large enough for fire escape (Egress)
Ideally, the style of window should complement the design of your home whether you are remodeling or building new. If you are remodeling and have a home with double-hung windows, look for a replacement window to blend with your existing architecture. If you live in a contemporary ranch with casement windows, then stick with the same style when remodeling. If you plan to remodel in phases, select the style that works best when the project is finally completed.

AMSCO’s windows are typically available in single-hung, double-hung, horizontal sliders, picture windows, awnings and casement styles. You can also special order a wide variety of specialty shapes. Here is a look at the most common window styles and configurations:

Fixed Windows (Picture, Round Top, Arch Top, Specialty Shapes)
Horizontal Sliders (Single- and Double-Vent)
Awning Window