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Finding Green In Composites

Find Green in New Renaissance Composite Material
Now, more than ever, energy costs are one of the most important considerations for customers making a window purchase decision. AMSCO® windows incorporate the latest in proven, cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the very best in energy performance in any climate.

Renaissance® Series is made of a revolutionary new material that provides the beauty of wood with the weatherable, no-maintenance advantages of a composite. The material is a blend of specialty polymer resins, or thermoplastic alloy, which is a vinyl-based combination of both PVC and acrylic resins for excellent durability. This unique blend of resins can't absorb moisture so it provides a very stable, rot and insect-proof material. The material delivers dimensional stability and strength that is ideal for window and door products used in high-heat, high humidity southern climates as well as cold northern climates.

Exclusive SuperCapSR Surface Technology
SuperCapSR® provides a permanent pre-finished surface that performs in the harshest of weather conditions. This pre-finished solution saves time and cost for builders and provides a lifetime of no-maintenance benefits for homeowners. This tough, enhanced capped surface protects against yellowing from ultraviolet light exposure, erosion, chalking and cracking to keep windows and doors looking good over time. The cap brings protective ingredients to the profile surface, where they provide superior weathering performance. Also, the SuperCapSR surface layer is integral and fusion-bonded into the profile. It's typically 300% thicker than ordinary painted coatings, to provide superior scratch-resistance. Every Renaissance window and door features the SuperCapSR surface technology that resembles the sheen of a finely painted millwork finish that easily cleans up with soap and water.

Superior Performance to Wood and Fiberglass
Renaissance Series' no-rot solid core offers better thermal performance than wood, fiberglass and hollow PVC. In fact, the K-Value of the Renaissance composite material, a measure of thermal conductivity, is lower than any frame material used in windows today. As a more energy efficient material, with a long lasting, durable life cycle, Renaissance Series' composite truly is a green material.

Because of its solid-core, cellular structure, Renaissance composite saws and mills very similar to wood, making it ideal for fabrication into windows and doors using traditional wood window joinery and equipment. Unlike fiberglass, Renaissance composite does not require pre-drilling for fabrication or installation. And because it's a thermoplastic polymer-based material, joints can be welded and frames can be bent to fabricate specialty window shapes—at much lower cost than traditional wood windows.

Green Features of the Renaissance Series Composite Material
  • Unlike wood windows, Renaissance composite windows and doors do not contribute to deforestation and are typically a more affordable alternative to wood windows – making environmentalism more affordable.
  • Renaissance composite windows come with a lifetime warranty, something you won't find with traditional wood windows – thereby saving future natural resources.
  • The frame material of Renaissance Series composite windows are more energy efficient than wood, PVC vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum frames and conserve our natural resources by reducing the energy required to heat/cool your home.
  • The Renaissance composite material is the most energy efficient frame on the market. It's more efficient than wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum.
  • The color on Renaissance composite comes pre-finished with SuperCapSR resembling the look of finely painted millwork, avoiding the use of chemicals to paint the product both in its original state and for maintenance down the road.
  • AMSCO also offers the next generation in energy-efficient windows, CōzE performance glass, which provides an ideal blend of energy performance and aesthetics.
    • CōzE performance glass is available in three performance levels, CōzE, CōzE Tint and CōzE HV, so builders and homeowners can choose the right glazing for their desired level of energy efficiency.
    • Most AMSCO window and door products with one of the CōzE performance glass options meet ENERGY STAR guidelines.
  • Other environmentally friendly characteristics of AMSCO's composite windows include their durability, recyclability and low maintenance.
  • The Renaissance composite formula extrusions are proven to provide industry leading weathering performance to assure maximization of window life. As a result, windows do not need to be replaced, thus reducing carbon footprint.
AMSCO Windows is committed to preserving the environment. In fact, it is one of the company's core values and we go to great lengths to keep the environment clean for future generations.

GreenSmart is a trademark of Mikron Industries.

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