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Awning Windows

Often used in Ranch, Prairie, French, Tudor and Contemporary architectural styles as well as homes with traditional or double-hung windows. Awning windows can be positioned above or below a window/door to add ventilation and high on walls to add light to a room without sacrificing privacy. When placed in rows or even against other windows, they can create a "wall of light" effect that adds beauty and functionality to a room.

Awning windows are similar to casement windows except they are wider than they are tall and crank open from the bottom towards the top on the outside of the house.

The Encore® locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability. The standard nesting handle folds neatly into itself for a clean appearance that won’t obstruct blinds and shutters. Choose from hardware that is color matched to the window or select from a variety of popular metal finishes inspired from a bygone era, including Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Antique Brass and Polished Brass.

The Encore® locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability.

Available in the ArtisanTM Series and Renaissance® Series only.

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