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AMSCO SentryLock

Be Certain with New SentryLock

Locked Now you can have the utmost confidence knowing your windows are securely locked and your home is safe. With AMSCO's new SentryLock magnetic-action, automatic lock, you'll enjoy secure locking with easy one-touch motion operation and clear, visual unlocked indication.

Unlocked The SentryLock is one of the industry's first automatic magnetic-action locks. This state-of-the-art lock offers an audible click when the magnets engage the locking bolts so you can feel confident that your windows are securely locked. And a red stripe indicator is clearly visible only from within the home when the window is unlocked.

Featuring an integrated finger pull, the SentryLock is easy to operate. Simply press the button and slide the window sash open – all in the same one-touch motion. The unique design prevents scratches caused by other positive action style locks and eliminates potential damage to divided lites.
  • Easy one-touch, push button operation
  • Clear visual unlocked indicator
  • Magnetic operation provides automatic locking
  • Exceeds all forced-entry tests with dual locking bolts and metal hooks
  • Lock placement hidden from the exterior provides increased security
The SentryLock is available on the new Artisan Series in the horizontal slider, single hung and double hung styles.

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