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New Construction windows - Some Basic Styles to Consider

Windows are no ad-hoc inclusions into a home plan scheme. Neither are they meant for adequate light and ventilation alone! In fact, the windows and their designs, sizes and positions have a lot to do with the overall aesthetics of the space at large. Most architects spend hours exercising their creative skills deciding the preferred designs and positions for windows. If you are looking for new construction windows, reading up on some basic styles would definitely be of use. Some of them have been discussed below.

Single or Double Hung Windows—These windows are the ones with sliding panes that open vertically. A single hung version would only have one sash that would slide open. The sliding sash would normally be the bottom half. The top half would be fixed. When you opt for a double hung version, the sashes in the upper and bottom halves would slide both ways. These windows would also have screens on the outside of the frame. Hence, you can use them as ideal accompaniments to bedrooms and kitchens. However, these windows would be more suitable if you are looking to create air tight spaces providing for air conditioned interiors.

Rollout or Casement Windows—Casement windows are preferable options for those who wish to save space and prefer ones that open outward. These windows would be attached to hinges on either side of the pane so that they can open outward. Screens here would be placed on the inner side. You can actually open the entire window towards the exterior. So, if you are looking for a home that would be solely dependent on natural ventilation, these windows are just the right choices for you. However, in order to have comfortably ventilated spaces, you need to have an identical window on the opposite side of the room as well to allow a free passage of air.

Regardless of your preferences with respect to new window manufacturing, always make sure you have experienced service providers like AMSCO window manufacturing for complete help and support.